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Just wanted to drop a note to say how much I like this shirt. There are ones available in the US with similar "May the Norse be with you" sentiments but the graphics are rubbish. This viking on this one looks somehow classy...yet menacing!


Pleased that I got it in about two weeks as well- pretty speedy for international post. Now I'm set for both "Star Wars Day" (May the 4th be with you) and 17 Mai, Norway's constitution day.


Thanks again for such a great product!

Quotes "Just wanted to let you know my Oseberg loom has arrived. I'm totally blown away by the workmanship. If there was double the stars I'd have pressed that. Thank you so much. It was well worth the wait Most definitely. I'm beyond delighted. Unbelievable great work. Thanks again" Lorraine . Quotes
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Quotes thought I would say hi as my girlfriend (Lella) and I met you at the Jorvik festival in February and had a very interesting chat about all things Viking and Anglo-Saxon ? and you impressed my girlfriend with your battle scars.. I?m the guy who did his graduate studies in Medieval weapons and warfare; we also got an axe from you at the camp, which is now nicely hanging on the wall of our living room You suggested we dropped you an e-mail so you could keep us posted on the latest events you would be involved in, so here I am. Hope you?re well and that wyrd is being favourable to you. Looking forward to hearing from you. Quotes

Quotes LOVELY STATEMENT :ANNOUNCEMENT: The Medieval Society committee(YORK UNIVERSITY) and I are extremely excited to announce that we have confirmed traders for Swordclash 2015: Nidavellnir: As we all know, Winter is coming. So be prepared! Back In The Day Re-enactment Furniture: A veritable re-enactment Aladdin's Cave! Specialising in artisanal historical furniture, they also sell a wide array of interesting and functional knick-knacks, gifts and re-enactment paraphernalia. More exciting announcements to come, watch this space!! Quotes

Quotes Great review from David Kevin Smith """I am really pleased that Rogann and Kata of Back In The Day will be trading at The North West Re-enactment & LARP Market, not least because they are such nice people and so easy and sensible to deal with. On the first occasion that they traded at my NLHF, an inconsiderate and selfish trader's refusal to get on and unload their vehicle rather than fiddle around setting up meant that Rogann and Kata were kept waiting for ages before they could get to their pitch - my crew of helpers all commented on how good-natured and patient they were, and nothing since has changed this impression. Nice people to have around and nice people to do business with!"" Quotes
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